Q1 : Who can buy UdsCanOnline ?
R : Anyone can claim to buy his UCO. For payment in H.T, you must provide a valid VAT number and the name of the company.

Q 2: If I want to buy in H.T. and live in a country outside the European Union.
R : I must provide a company document and pay for the equipment with a credit card or a transfer to the same name as the company.

Q 3: In which case can I ask for an identity card or a registration number company?
R : Indeed, in case of equipment failure, if we have to return a new device, we are required to verify the information about the equipment and its owner.

Example: if an individual pretending to be our client, indicates to us that his material is defective and that we must return a new one, we make sure to verify that the information is concordant with what we have in our file,
in which case the real the client will see his material be disabled.

Q 4: Is my tool usage registered on your server?
R : There is no log file saved on our server. The only information that flows between the tool and our server are essential elements for the proper functioning of the tool.

Q 5: Can I perform a crash erase on the airbag case at the obd on PSA?
R : No, you can only erase the DTC code. Clearing the crash must be done by the tool dumpTool PSA available soon by performing a reader of the memory chip using a programmer.

Q 6: What is the warranty period for the equipment?
R : 2 years

Q 7: How to benefit from the updates and the use of the material? 
R : We have a “Plan Update” that allows you to benefit from updates on your purchased licenses and allow you to buy others. After 12 month of use, you must renew your “Plan Update” to continue to enjoy your tool and associated functions.

Q 8:  Where is the location of the configuration log files?
If you clear the Log contents, no repair may be possible if logs have been deleted. (It is advisable to keep them)
R : C:\Users\”name user”\AppData\Local\UdsCanOnline\

Q 9: Where are the Logs, because I need the configuration of a vehicle that has been processed with my hardware ?
R :
You can view the following video: (remember to display hidden files in windows). Video here
CAUTION: if you delete the Log files no repair of your vehicle will be possible.
C:\Users\”computer username”\AppData\Local\UdsCanOnline\


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