Q1 : When I perform an operation, I have a pop up message warning that appears
R : Yes, when using the software for sensitive operations, the user is informed and must accept a popup message that appears. It specifies that the user has to verify if he has all the necessary authorizations for the realization of the operation, that he has to respect the legislation of his country and that UdsCanOnline SIA is not responsible for the misuse in non respect of the legislation in force of the country of the user.

Q 2: I performed an operation with a tool other than UCO, and now the vehicle would not start.
R : You will have to redirect to the support of the tool.

Q 3: Where can I find a list of your resellers?
R : The list of resellers can be found on our website: https://udscanonline.net/en/dealer/

Q 4: My hardware ID was 9 characters long. After an update, the ID contains 24 characters, is this normal?
R : Yes, the IDs have been updated for security reasons.

Q 5: Where is my hardware ID?
R : When you open the software, it is in the parameters. Your id contains 24 characters

Q 6: What is the warranty period for the equipment?
R : 2 years

Q 7: How can I benefit from the updates and use of the material?
R : We have an “UPDATE PLAN” that allows you to benefit from upgrades on your purchased licenses and allows you to purchase additional ones. After 12 months of use, you will need to renew your “UPDATE PLAN” to continue to benefit from your tool and associated features.

Q 8:  What is the location of the configuration log files?
R : The files are located at => C:\Users “name user”\AppDataLocalUdsCanOnline\ IMPORTANT: If you delete the log contents, no repair may be possible.
(It is advised to keep them)

Q 9: Where are the Logs, because I need the configuration of a vehicle that has been processed with my hardware ?
R :
You can view the following video: (remember to display hidden files in windows). Video here
CAUTION: if you delete the Log files no repair of your vehicle will be possible.
C:\Users\”computer username”\AppData\Local\UdsCanOnline\

Q10: Do you cooperate with the legal services in the event of misuse of the tool?
R : Yes

Q11: How to manually decode my log file to find the vehicle ID?
R : The vehicle identifier is coded in hexadecimal. You just have to convert the hexadecimal to ASCII to find it.
You just have to add ‘VR’ or ‘VF’ in front of the decode number.

Q12: Can I perform a crash erase on the OBD airbag boxes on PSA?
R : No, you can only erase the DTC. The deletion of the incident must be done with the dumpTool PSA, available soon, by reading the memory chip with a programmer.

Q13: When I perform an operation, I have no communication with the vehicle.
R : Have you checked that the vehicle is supported by UCO? If so, please tell me :

  1.     you are on a Renault vehicle, you will have to think about removing the 01 adapter at the end of the OBD socket.
  2.     you are on a PSA vehicle, in this case you will have to put the adapter 01 at the end of the OBD plug.
Q14: On a PSA, when I press identification, I get the message “Soft problem” which is displayed instead of the V.I.N.
R : The software of the BSI is damaged. If you have done the operation with UCO, you will have to use the Restart BSI Delphi PSA303 or Restart BSI continental PSA305 to restore the vehicle to its original state. IMPORTANT: you must use the original Uco hardware that performed the operation (in case of multiple UCOs).
If the software of the BSI has been damaged with another tool, you must contact the technical support of the tool.
Q15 : I tried to do a Pin code reading to perform a key learning on an online vehicle at 3:05 am Latvian time, it did not work. A Pop Up message “server off from 3am to 4am…” appeared.
R : Some users are using our intelligence for illegal purposes. UdsCanOnline does not endorse these uses. It has been decided not to market the tool to individuals in Europe, but also to limit certain functions, including reading PIN code between 3 and 4 o’clock, Latvian time.
Q16 : I have a pop up message “Driver not installed” or “Hardware not connected”.
R : First of all, you have to check in the device manager if the interface is visible when the USB cable is connected; if it is not visible, it should be visible under the tab “COM port”. In this case, you have to install the driver manually
=> Link under Windows 10
Q17 : After having performed an operation with UCO on a PSA type vehicle, I have some options of the vehicle that do not work anymore. Example: electric windows, air conditioning, windshield washer pump that runs continuously.
R : When an operation is carried out with UCO but the vehicle’s software version is higher than the one in our database, a Pop Up message appears stating that “the version of your ISB is higher than the one in our database. There is a risk of losing some options. Do you still want to continue? YES or NO”.
In order to avoid malfunctions, it is best not to continue.
Q18 : I tried to read the PIN code on a PSA vehicle (example: 3008 hybrid 2021, DS7 Hybrid 208 II…). A text message tells me that: “THE SOFTWARE VERSION IS NOT SUPPORTED”.
R : Some versions of BSI do not allow to perform some operations. We are working on these versions to add them to our database.
Q19 :  I have the RESTART BSI DELPHI license but I can’t use the function, it says 0/3.
R : If you have the license, it is necessary to reload the tokens. To do so, you must contact the technical support so that they can proceed with the reloading (FREE) and communicate your hardware identifier (which contains 24 characters).
Q20 : I have a problem with the hands-free key on 208 II, 2008 II, DS3 crossback.
R : When a BSI adaptation is done on one of these vehicles, the hands-free system is no longer functional.
=>A solution is possible. It is necessary to replace the hands free box by a new module then to use the PSAxxx license to adapt it to the vehicle.
Q21 : I received my hardware but I don’t have the software.
R : The UCO software can be found on our website in the Support/Download section.
In order to download and install the software you must first connect your hardware and your dongle (black usb key).
If you encounter any difficulties, you can contact the technical support who will be able to guide you through the installation of the software. IMPORTANT: the support will ask you to read the Terms and Conditions and accept them yourself to finalize the installation of the software.
Q22 : I am trying to make a key or card for CLIO V. The vehicle communicates but the operation does not start, even though I am correctly connected to the OBD.
R : In order to learn the keys or card, it is necessary to connect the 02 adapter to the BCM (grey terminal). A video is available on Youtube and on the TELEGRAM channel: UdsCanOnline. Please follow us.
Q23 : I tried to make a key or card for CLIO V, Captur II and a message indicates that the software version is not supported.
R : UCO works on some software versions. We are working on the development of other versions.
Q24 : Does UCO work on the Peugeot 308 2021 (new model)?
R : No, UCO does not currently work on this vehicle for the moment. Our developers are working on this model.
Q25 : Is it possible to know the list of supported models for Key/Dash/adatation/renew…
R : The complete list is available on our website.
Q26 :  I tried to install the software on a second computer. When I performed the activation, a message appeared: “UNABLE TO ACTIVATE”.
R : You need to contact technical support and tell them the 24-character hardware ID (case sensitive) so that they can correct the problem.
Q27 : I want to buy UCO on the website but they ask me for a VAT number.
R : The company UdsCanOnline has decided to stop selling their tool to individuals in Europe.
Q28 : I want to buy UCO on the website but they ask me for a VAT number. When I fill it in, it doesn’t work.
R : Your VAT number is not valid or your company is not subject to VAT, so you will have to pay VAT. In order to finalize your purchase, you will have to contact us by e-mail: Support@udscanonline.net
Q29 : How can I get my UCO invoices (purchase made via the website)?
R : When you make a purchase on the website, the invoice is automatically sent to your email address and is available on your account on the website.
Q30 : How can I get my UCO invoices back? (purchase made through a reseller)
R : When you make a purchase (tool or license) through a reseller, the reseller must give you an invoice. In fact, each reseller manages its own invoicing.
Q31 : I bought a license from a reseller but it has not been activated for several days.
R : We invite you to contact your reseller.
Q32 : Does my hardware have the Delphi Read Pin license?
R : The list of your licenses can be found in the settings of your software. If not, you can also contact technical support and provide them with the 24-character hardware ID so that they can answer your question.

Q33 : I bought a second hand hardware, and when I start the software, it says “update plan expired”.
R : There are 4 possibilities:

  1. You have to pay for the update plan because it has expired.
  2. The tool you bought is blocked because of non payment.
  3. The tool you bought is stolen and not functional.
  4. The tool you bought has been declared lost by its previous user.

It is therefore IMPORTANT that prior to your purchase outside our website and our resellers, you ask the status of the tool to the technical support (provide the identifier of 24 characters to receive an answer).

Q34 : What payment methods are accepted for online orders?
R : Currently, UdsCanOnline only accepts credit cards and bank transfers

Q35 : I am a professional, can I become a reseller? What are the procedures? What is the remuneration?
R : Yes, for this you need to contact the company by e-mail at support@udscanonline.net and provide a Curriculum Vitae. If your request is successful, a reseller contract will be sent to you specifying the remuneration. The signed contract must be returned to us by e-mail. Upon receipt, the reseller will receive a login, password and a promotional code. In fact, for any sale made, the reseller will have to place his order on the website and finalize it by credit card payment or by bank transfer. The reseller will have to buy some hardwares in advance in order to be reactive with his customers.


Q36 : When I make a duplicate card on Clio IV, Mégane IV, Clio V… the learning of the duplicate card does not work.
R : When learning the card, a pop up message appears telling you to place the new card first and then the initial card of the vehicle. If the learning process does not work, it is possible that your card is not new. It is preferable to use original cards.

Q37 : After having proceeded to a learning of card on Mégane IV Clio IV, the software displays that there is 0 Key, the vehicle does not have any more key.
R : In some cases, you can lose the keys in the HFM/Bcm. The solution is to use the RENEW CAN/UDS license in order to re-associate your module to the cards of your vehicle. But to use this license, you must have an active card of the vehicle (which was working on the vehicle before doing the operation).

Q38 : I have a vehicle returned from theft Mégane IV Clio IV and I have the original cards of the vehicle. The software tells me that there are 0 keys registered. Is it possible to put the vehicle back in working order without going to the dealer?
R : Yes, it is possible in some cases depending on the state of the module. Here is the procedure: Identification/ Put the blank module/Read Pin/ Put the active card in the card reader or place on the Start Stop button depending on the model/ Press the HFM or BCM button depending on the vehicle. You need to leave the card in the slot until the software tells you HFM or BCM learned.

Q39 : I have a 2017 308 T9 that has a SOFT problem with the BSI module. I used the RESTART BSI license. When I select my vehicle and enter my VIN, the software tells me that the VIN does not match.
R : In order to use the restart bsi delphi license, you must have done the initial operation with your personal uco.

Q40 : A customer brings me a 3008 with a SOFT problem, what can I do to “wake up” the BSI?
R : You can use the RENEW BSI DELPHI license. This one allows you to “wake up” the BSI and put it back to its original state. All you have to do is to perform an online telecoding or use our Data Config to find a configuration that suits you.

Q41 : After doing a Read Pin on 3008 5008 DS7, the electric trunk and electric mirrors do not work anymore.
R : You just have to reactivate them on your GPS touch screen.

Q42 : I am a novice, can you perform an operation for me?
R : No, the technical support is only available in case of question or technical problem with your UCO, or to guide you during the installation of your software.

Q43 : During the purchase I get the message, “You must enter a valid European VAT number to complete the purchase.”
R : You must have a valid VAT number for purchases in Europe. This will allow you to make a tax-free purchase. If you are a professional but do not have a VAT number you will have to pay VAT on your purchase. You can check your information directly with the European site.
Q44 : What are the support hours?
R : Latvian schedule : 11am to 2pm – 3pm to 8pm – From Monday to Friday
Horaire France : 10h à 13h – 14h à 19h – Du lundi au vendredi
Ora Italia: 10am to 1pm – 2pm to 8pm – Da lunedì a venerdì
Latviešu valodas grafiks: 11:00 lidz 14:00 – 15:00 lidz 20:00 – No pirmdienas līdz piektdienai
Q45 : I lost my equipment, how can I get another one?
R : If you lose your hardware, you will have to provide by e-mail the purchase invoice from the website or from a reseller, as well as the copy of the loss report mentioning the 9 or 24 characters hardware identifier (which must be correct, without any mistake and respecting the capital letters). Then, you will have to buy a new UCO interface and pay the license “transfer of license”.

New Hardware : https://udscanonline.net/en/product/hardware-materiel/

Your license transfer will not be possible :
  – If you do not have your login
  – If your equipment ID is not mentioned on the theft report
  – If you do not have your invoice
  – If you do not have your identity card

Subject to acceptance by UdsCanOnline SIA

Q46 : My equipment has been stolen, how can I get a new one?
R : If your hardware has been stolen, you will have to provide by e-mail the purchase invoice from the website or from a reseller as well as the theft report mentioning the hardware identifier with 9 or 24 characters (which must be correct, without any mistake and respecting the capital letters). Then you will have to buy a new hardware and pay for the license “transfer of license”.

Transfert of licence : https://udscanonline.net/en/product/t001-transfer-of-license/
New Hardware : https://udscanonline.net/en/product/hardware-materiel/

Your license transfer will not be possible :
  – If you do not have your login
  – If your equipment ID is not mentioned on the theft report
  –  If you do not have your invoice
  – If you do not have your identity card

Subject to acceptance by UdsCanOnline SIA

Q47 : I have defective equipment, does the warranty work?
R :
If you have a defective equipment, you have to provide the purchase invoice from the website or from a reseller and the equipment ID by e-mail. You will also have to send the equipment back to Latvia to the address of the head office. In this way, our services will analyze the equipment to determine the fault. A response will be given within approximately two weeks after receipt of your equipment.

The guarantee covers the non-conformity of the products to the order and any hidden defect, resulting from a defect of material, design or manufacture affecting the delivered products and making them unfit for use.
This guarantee is limited to the replacement or reimbursement of non-conforming products or those affected by a defect.
Any warranty is excluded in case of misuse, negligence or lack of maintenance on the part of the buyer, as well as in case of normal wear and tear of the Product or force majeure. The supplier will replace or repair Products or parts under warranty that are found to be defective. This warranty also covers labor costs.
The replacement of the defective Products or parts will not have the effect of extending the duration of the guarantee fixed above.
Finally, the warranty shall not apply if the Products have been used in an abnormal manner, or have been used in conditions different from those for which they were manufactured, in particular in the event of failure to comply with the conditions prescribed in the instructions for use.
It does not apply either in the case of deterioration or accident due to shock, fall, negligence, lack of supervision or maintenance, or in the case of transformation of the Product.

The analysis of the material will not be taken in charge:
If you do not have the invoice
if you cannot provide us with the equipment identifier

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